Jimmy Fallon Nearly Knocks Priyanka Chopra Through a Wall in Anti-Nick Jonas ‘Ew!’ Skit

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas was the latest guest to join Jimmy Fallon’s pre-teen Sara downstairs on “The Tonight Show” for an installment of “Ew!” and yes, Nick Jonas totally came up.

The premise of the sketch could not be shakier as it’s just pre-teens being dramatic and excitable over everything, at least until Sara’s stepdad Gary ruins everything with his own over-the-top gooberness.

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Nevertheless, it’s always a hoot seeing different stars find their inner pre-teen girl and ham it up with Fallon.

The latest to do so is the recent Mrs. Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra. She flew down the stars as Mia Sing, Sara’s new best friend from school who is every bit as excited about doing a Tik Tok dance challenge as Sara. What she perhaps didn’t realize is how much burlier Sara is than her.

It’s almost as if Sara is a middle-aged male talk show host. It was pretty funny when they jumped in the air to bump bellies only for Priyanka to fly back into the wall of the set, shaking it visibly.

“You’re so strong,” Mia joked, staying in character after she regained her balance. “Have you been working out?”

During the speed round that sees Sara show various pictures of items and people, Mia had a quick reaction to a picture of Nick Jonas. “Ew!” she said, surprising Sara.

“No, I’d totally put a ring on it,” Mia said with a knowing smile.

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But there was one celebrity who got no hesitation whatsoever. Much to Sara’s surprise, Mia declared “Oh my god, Cute!” to a picture of Harrison Ford.

The whole sketch was its usual silly self, and while the girls are always unnecessarily mean to Sara’s well-meaning stepdad Gary, we kind of have to agree that his description of the creamy beef treat he was making upstairs was, well, “Ew!”

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