Gigi Hadid and Jimmy Fallon Try to Eat Burgers with Tiny Hands

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Gigi Hadid loves her hamburgers, and it’s a passion she shares with Jimmy Fallon. So of course they were going to chow down during her latest visit, but she upped the ante on him.

“We’re going to eat burgers with tiny hands,” she told Fallon, bringing out just that.

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It’s a recurring motif that Gigi brings something tiny to “The Tonight Show,” but this time she came prepared for Fallon’s inevitable introduction of a new burger for them to try. And she certainly made the experience memorable and hilarious to watch as Fallon was really fumbling to pick up and hold onto his burger.

He remarked how easy it was for her, but she simply credited her years of playing competitive volleyball. It was a sport she found a true passion and drive for, even though her coaches sometimes had to warn her for getting a little too emotionally invested in the game.

According to the model, it was a little off-putting to some of her fellow classmates in high school. “Guys would be all like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s go watch Gigi on the volleyball court,'” she recalled. “By the end of the game they’re like, ‘She’s scary. Like, I don’t think she’s cute anymore.'”

Now, she brings that same competitive drive to escape rooms, which is something she has become absolutely enamored with.

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Already, she’s shared plenty of stories of her times in them through social media, and she was more than happy to talk about how fun they are with Fallon, even explaining a bit how they worked.

But he wanted to know if she was fun to do an escape room with, or did she perhaps get too competitive.

“I’m like super nice if you’re there to win with me, you know what I mean?” she said earnestly. “But if you’re like goofing off, no, I’m not nice about it.”

In other words, if you don’t take it at least a little bit seriously, you might come out of the experience thinking, “I don’t think she’s cute anymore.”

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