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Kano’s ‘crazy’ lion that escaped and was recaptured will be tranquilised today after eating two ostriches


Saidu Gwadabe, the managing director of Kano Zoological Gardens has said the apparently crazy lion that jumped from its enclosure this weekend will be tranquilized today.  

He said in an interview with Daily Nigerian that the zookeepers from National Park Service, Abuja have arrived at the zoo to capture the escaped lion. The Abuja rangers, he said came with 10ml shots of tranquilizers as the lion resisted the 1.5m shots they darted at him, after it was found in the goat cage.  

Gwadabe said the beast had so far eaten two ostriches and a number of goats.

“The lion has now taken over the ostrich cage and killed two. We assembled some vehicles to light up the angle where the lion holes up. The problem we face now is that the dart guns available to us don’t fire over a long distance.    

“We will do our best to rescue it alive to prevent human casualty. We will explore all means available to us before going offensive according to global best practice,” he told the newspaper.

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