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Uriel’s Kitchen Episode 5: Uriel makes Okro soup with a special guest and his guitar (video)


When it comes to cooking, leave it to Uriel Oputa to think up ways to make being in the kitchen as exciting as being in a karaoke bar.

The Uriel’s Kitchen host had with her in the kitchen, a connoisseur of food, popular for his online posts that direct people to places where they can get good food in Nigeria.

But asides being a foodie, Destiny is also a guitarist with great vocals and he serenaded the Uriel’s Kitchen host while she worked her magic in the kitchen.


Together with her guest, Uriel showed viewers how to make a steaming bowl of fresh Okro soup and what special ingredients to add to give it a distinctive taste.


Uriel’s Kitchen is sponsored by Maggi and Pedini Nigeria.

Watch the latest episode of the LITV cook show below.

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