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Benue University Student slaps man who proposed to her in lecture hall (video)

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about 53 minutes ago

This one no know how husband scarce.She is still young and it’s freaking her.Go ask Aunty Joy for Shitta,na so for church she dey aways shout die by fire!!!

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This is not just right in all standards, if you are asked will you marry me, simply say yes or no and walk away. Why the slap? After probably the man has been paying school fees and stuffs, its not compulsory you marry him, just be polite about it.

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Guys should make sure the lady is ready to marry him before going on adventures like this…. The slap wasn’t necessary Sha…

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If this thing is actually real, then that girl messed up. How could she slap someone that proposed to her? The guy may have nothing or be a nobody today, but tomorrow, he may turn out to be a famous and prosperous person and I bet the girl will regret ever doing that to him in public. Karma is a bitch.

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about 28 minutes ago

All this public proposal na scam! Say yes say yes say yes out of shame u go say yes end up for 3 months marriage! You no slap am reach nonsense

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When you should be studying to excel in your studies, u r busy trying to engage a lady in a most uncivilized, uncultured, I’ll conceived , childish, un-african and above all despicable.
If I were ur lecturer, I will place u on probation.

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My mother most hear of this one.
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Stupid boy is that what your papa send you go school go do be that..
Stupid girl you see someone proposed to you, you no dey happy, imagine the guy willing wan help you carry load. Ti e ti baje
And to rest students what do I say about you oooo.. I reserve my comments

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Ladies listen, if you slap a man make sure you are ready for whatever you see from it. It is NOT ok to hit a man….it is NOT ok …..i am female btw

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You should have given him more slap babe …. what some guys fail to understand is not all ladies like these stuffs, some like a Quite place take her out for baecation, say words you have never said to her before, remind her of how you started tell her you got her back always then you propose peacefully ladies like stuff like these not the one you stand in front of one yeye crowd and you propose all in the name of trend …

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