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Nigerians react as MC Oluomo bags award for street credibility from Kwame Nkrumah Leadership awards and All African Student Union (photos)

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The kwame nkrumah here is not that of Ghana whom I have read about and whom had convincingly stood for emancipation of the black race, eithter from anglophone or francophone. No, no, NOT him, it can’t be!!! This award is certainly coming from kwame nkurah of Oshodi!!!

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If dem dey give Assassin,killer, Soul Taker, Serial Killer,Life destroyer, Mid Night Killer and Day time Killer for Prominent Politicians in Lagos State and South West of a a Whole,People Wey Dey Make Other People Family Sad,Extremist,Anti Christ,Evil Doers,Men in Darkness,Zero Hours People…Infact all the Evil Names in this life belong to MC Oluomo, if Award is been Awarded to him base on say him get Street Credibility then I think the people behind this award go die soon…Kwame Nkrumah dey cry heavily for grave life this, Cuz me now no know wetin all this bastard dey promote…No Worry since una don dey give award to thug more people are still coming, Then una go fear say Oluomo dey learn…..Next 5 years Nigeria go turn war and lion zone…Make una dey give award oooo for killer and assassin..

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Who God bless no man can curse,Oluomo is a blessed man you dey look am e dey go for your eyes,bad belle ppl are just too many in Naija which is causing major setback

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What is wrong with people? I am not the fans of MC but we need to forget about someone get educated before he can held any leadership positions in Nigeria. We celebrate certificates too much which is not really the case in some advanced countries. If anybody can deliver in any choicing Career without education let’s it be or give it a chance apart from his anticidence.
Majority of people whose spoil Nigeria economy are elites and what’re we taking about.

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You are spot on bro/sis. Education isn’t only from a college degree. An apprentice tailor, carpenter, mechanic, welder, bricklayer are all educated in their various fields of endeavour. Our Nigerian brothers and sisters who are engrossed in paper certificates are the real UNEDUCATED ONES!!! Whether we like it or not, Mc Oluomo has achieved master status in his chosen field- in the western world, its called “Territorial Relationship Management ”

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No wonder west Africans are the most uncultured of the entire black race, hatred and wickedness is what they preach and worship.
How can you be celebrating a well known wicked soul?

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Sadly but succinctly stated:
*A lecturer* wanting 5 rounds to pass a female student. *
A policeman* demanding 500k for bail. *
A judge* demanding 5m for judgement.
*A public servant* demanding 50m for a contract.
*A voter* demanding 5k for his/her vote.
*A clergy* demanding 5-500k for “blessings”.
*A leader(s)* close their eyes to corruption and nepotism.
*A parent* offering 500k for ward’s admission into school or paying for exam questions.
*A society* rewarding incompetence.
*A society* closing its mind to murder.
*A society* shutting down common sense.
*A society* designed to allow the worst to emerge to the top, in many respects.
*A society* that justifies all things in the name of politics, tribe, ethnicity and individual benefit.
*A society* that blackmails others for difference in thinking.
*A Nation* that we have all collectively built.
One working towards oppressing the other.
Where impunity is rife.
Where our default thinking is on wailing or hailing never a consideration of the issue.
*A society with low or no expectations from their leaders.*
*A society* in conflict with itself.
*A society where thought is absent*.
That all issues are swept under the carpet depending on who holds the broom and where all things can be covered depending on where the umbrella tilts.
*A society* where seemingly educated men run away from speaking out in the face of evil so that they will be seen as saints .
*A society* where evil doers are glorified by men who pretend to be gentlemen.
*A society* where men have no regards to the legacy they will leave behind.
*A society where money is preferred to wisdom!!!*
*We built this place*

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We know where he is heading to. A potential Governor of Lagos State.
He is preparing his way – from meeting a US Governor, Chairman of Lagos NURTW, to Ghanaian Award, … soon he will get OON. We are watching him.

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What is education? Did you think going to school for been educated?
Better think deeply my people not everybody will go to school even if going to school is free to all level as far you can deliver in your choosing career you’re educated.
Nigeria will continue having problems if we depend too much on school education and the certificate will be more worthless at times.
The guys can deliver when it comes to NURTW and also contribute his own quota to community development.
What else did you want from him apart from hatred since he did not go to school?
With my all certificates your elites got. Why Nigeria find themselves in this situation?
Getting out of Nigeria made my thought and reason better with all certificates acquired before I left.

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