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Dog mauls 1-yr-old boy in Abuja, opens his skull with his teeth (graphic photos)

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Which kind evil dog be this now,,, catch thief you no go catch,, bite politicians you no go bite.. na innocent kid you go bite.. may God u guy give the baby quick recovery

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Pls Admin can this photos be taken down? This is too graphic for a yr old. I only pray for God’s healing Grace upon the little kid.

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Considering that the owner of this site is now a mum who adores her cute son, these pictures are too nasty to be circulated!
Have you people no feelings for the baby’ s suffering parents?
Abeg, kill the story outright.

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Thank God the kid didnt die. I wish the pitbull done this to the owner,s son then he will know how to secure his dog properly.

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This is so sad, it’s high time government start arresting parents for negligence as they do abroad, how in God’s name will a mother leave a year old baby to play alone outside without any adult around, if there is an adult with him,he would have been rescued before the dog gets to him,thank God the evil dog was killed, divine healing to the boy.

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So sorry little one. Are there laws in Nigeria that encourages death penalty for the owner of the dog? Please, i want to know.
The owner of the dog raised a KILLER and he or she knows it. Simple!

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1yr boy with these injuries from a full black pit bull. The boy cannot survive it. Animals have neural knowledge of the human body. If you are scared the dig can sense the adrenaline rush through its God blessing so it bit the core of his brain it’s like off computer. RIP son.

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