Its been four years of kept promises.

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By Ibinabo Fiberesima
I want a leader who doesn’t believe in doing things right but in doing the right things. A man who sees the positive in every negative situation.
A man who isn’t afraid to shake the trees so that the apples fall for all.
He doesn’t have to be perfect. He doesn’t have to say the things I want to hear, not when he is doing the things I need to see done. Not when he is creating a future I need more where objectives are daily being transformed to certainty.
It is said that promises are the sweetest lies, but remember that it is also said that people with good intentions make promises but only people with good character keep them.
Its been four years of kept promises. I believe we deserve to have four years more. His excellency , Governor Wike has kept his promises in the last four years, he deserves another 4 years.
God bless Rivers State.
God bless us all.